What if sharing pays off

lntroduce your smartest friends, if they are selected to join RIFF, you can earn up to €2,000!

Do you know someone who would make a great addition to one of the teams at RIFF?

Let us know!

At RIFF DE you can receive a RIFFferral bonus if you recommend someone for a (vacant) position, and they join RIFF. The bonus can be up to €2.000 (before tax). You can earn up to €1.000 if your RIFFferral passes the probationary period of one month. You can then earn up to a further €1.000 if your RIFFferral’s contract is renewed after a minimum of 8 months.

Please note that these amounts are based on a 40-hour per week contract and are calculated pro rata to the hours your RIFFferral will work. Also keep in mind that to receive these bonuses you must also be employed by RIFF during the same period. For employees who do work for RIFF but have an employment contract from elsewhere, another nice bonus applies.

Do you know someone who would be a perfect fit for one of our vacancies?

Then forward your RIFFferral’s contact details to working@riffonline.com and make sure they mention your name when applying!


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