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ESPN and RIFF started working together in 2018. The work we do for ESPN mainly consist of customer support. We help the customers of ESPN through all social media channels and the livechat on their website.


The Ocean Cleanup, with headquarters located in Rotterdam and founded by charismatic engineer Boyan Slat, has gathered international fame. It has done so by using innovative initiatives to remove plastic waste from the oceans and many rivers. The Ocean Cleanup has built a community of millions. RIFF is the link between The Ocean Cleanup and those millions of followers, on their social media channels. We answer questions regarding the amount of plastic that is still in the ocean, or about what microplastics/macroplastics even are, and why they are so harmful to the environment.

Do you want to be actively involved with the world’s largest cleanup in history?


Holland Casino; attractive, honest & responsible. The provider of both live and online casino games in the Netherlands. The company was founded in 1975 and is owned by the Dutch state. The first branch was opened in Zandvoort, and numerous branches have opened since then all over the Netherlands, each with their own unique charm and enjoyable games.

Since 2021, Holland Casino and RIFF have been working together. Holland Casino used to handle all customer support separately per branch, but we are now working to centralize the customer support. Our colleagues work on site, from the headquarters, or from home. Guests can ask their questions through all social media channels, where our colleagues help them in the best way they can.


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